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(I’m in the middle)

Lori and Bobby

“He went out of his way to personalize our wedding sermon, and we couldn’t have possibly chosen a better person to officiate our wedding…”

Taylor and Theo

“We cherished the way he described our love story to our wedding guests in a way we couldn’t have put into words ourselves…”

Ryan and Christi

“Steve delivered a message that was meaningful, funny, and relevant to all of our guests…”

Delanie and Matheus

“When plans for a joint ceremony fell through just 48 hours prior to our I do’s, Steve made us feel like a devastation hadn’t just occurred…”

Caitlin and Zach

“Steve is so fun to be around and his genuineness shines through…”

Jacque and Will

“The message he gave was powerful and set the stage for our lives together with encouragement to seek the Lord in all things…”


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